Train & Travel or the School of Solidarity Tourism

I came to know the non-profit Train & Travel in 2019 thanks to its training program DUST (Becoming a Solidarity Tourism Specialist) in which I participated.

I was very interested in this training program and I took  seriously the different group work of this program. I always wanted to be the best and this feeling encouraged me to work harder to win the competition of this program with my team Bassam. When I did, I was very proud of myself.

I joined the non-profit in 2020 and have been organizing tours in Grand Bassam since then. These tours are composed of a city tour of the France district and a pottery workshop. I always take pleasure during these tours to tell the history of my country and our culture. During my tours, I also have the opportunity to practice English which is my basic training and I meet great people.

In January 2020, I applied for the job of Training Assistant at Train & Travel and I was selected. This marked the beginning of a great collaboration with this non-profit. 

As a training assistant, I organize and deliver training courses on solidarity tourism. I coach young girls to become tour guides and thanks to my training in blogging, I have been writing the non-profit newsletters for a few months now and I have been able to give training on how to use the internet and social media in a responsible way.

Through the non-profit Train & Travel, I am able to take the floor in front of a large public, I am able to give training in solidarity tourism, to work under pressure, to be efficient on my tasks and especially to work in a team and to advocate excellence.

I went to the non-profit Train & Travel school and I am proud of it! 🙂

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