Testimony of our former Communication Manager Clémence Courcy

Clémence is a student in Communication Specializing in Sustainable Development and CSR. Passionate about traveling and discovering new culture, she put her luggage in Abidjan for her 6-month end-of-study internship.

  • What were you doing in Train & Travel?

“My role was in charge of external and internal communication for the Train & Travel association for 6 months. Among other things, I was in charge of social networks, content creation and posting it online, and writing articles for the website. Promoting the association through prospecting was one of the most important tasks. I deposited the association’s flyers in hotels, bakeries, cafes but also contacted embassies to make myself known to expatriates. I also tried to find internships for learners, and I represented the association during events such as World Tourism Day, and at our clean-up day in Attecoubé.”

  • One of your missions that marked you as communication manager?

“What struck me in my role was the support of Bénédicte and Lucie Tarret-Imbert in building the entire communication strategy. I was able to achieve with their help a great strategy which is now a real skill that I can use for a personal project.”

  • What do you think of the team?

“The team was really a plus to my mission because I really made friends with each member of the team. A beautiful cohesion and a good communication has been established over the weeks. We have always helped each other and it has been a real pleasure to work with them.”
Clémence had the chance to do her internship in Ivory Coast.

  • Have you had any frustrations?

“My biggest frustration is the Fundraising campaign that I could not carry out surely due to lack of organization and time on my side.”
Thanks to her experience within the Train & Travel association, Clémence has acquired new communication skills and this internship has given her an awareness of sustainable tourism, an open-mindedness and a sense of responsibility that she did not have. Not before. Today, she flew to her new destination with the goal of becoming bilingual.

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