Julie Maziere shares with us her experience of volunteering abroad

Julie is a development economist with a specialization in the design and engineering of development projects. A true globetrotter, she traveled from South America to Mexico via Ecuador where she was able to participate in the development of an association that defends women’s rights. She is also passionate about animals, which led her to coordinate a hippotherapy program with children with disabilities in the Galapagos.

  • How did you hear about the Train & Travel association?

I was looking for an internship in the field of women’s rights and I came across the website of the Train & Travel association.  So I proposed an unsolicited application, and hop here I am the development manager within Train & Travel.

  • What is volunteering for you?

In my opinion, volunteering is a mission of general interest carried out by a committed person to contribute to a cause that is dear to him and carries meaning for society. My period of volunteering in the association was intense but very formative with missions that matched the ambitions of someone coming out of a master’s degree. Although having done this volunteering remotely in times of crisis because my university did not accept travel, I was able to learn a little more about Côte d’Ivoire, about women and about sustainable tourism. One of my missions that I particularly liked was to complete the AAP (call for projects) Action for the Earth.

On the team side, I was lucky to come across people who were super present and who helped each other a lot. Despite the fact that I was at a distance, I had a lot of contact with them. Bénédicte (Founder and International Coordinator) was always available to answer my questions. From the first weeks, I was able to discuss with all the members of the team individually.

On a personal level, I developed skills such as autonomy, oral communication, and team spirit which enabled me to gain confidence and to obtain a job more easily at the end of my diploma.
“Meeting Bénédicte also brought me a lot, she is a model person, activist, courageous and bearer of values ​​who carries out her projects! She made me want to continue in the associative world! Today, Julie works for a French association that works for equal opportunities for young people aged 16 to 30.

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