Our city tours

  • City tour Grand-Bassam

    City tour Grand-Bassam

    Grand-Bassam is the closest place to Abidjan for a beautiful swim in the ocean, but it is also an Ivorian historical, tourist and cultural center. You will leave with a necklace, a pottery creation or with chocolate!
  • Feminist City Tour Bingerville

    Feminist City Tour Bingerville

    Historic town located on the edge of the Ebrié Lagoon, Bingerville has experienced several changes. Second capital of the French colony in 1900 and 1934, Bingerville owes its name from Governor Binger at this time. Now a municipality in the district of Abidjan, Bingerville is full of stories and of inspiring women.
  • City Tour Blockhauss

    City Tour Blockhauss

    Located in the municipality of Cocody and on the edge of the Ébrié lagoon, the Blockhauss district takes its name from a Frenchman called Blockhauss. In the 1970s, the economic miracle pushed the government to destroy cassava plantations and build skyscrapers, universities and villas.
  • Plateau City Tour

    Plateau City Tour

    The plateau is the business district of Abidjan, nicknamed the "Ivorian Manhattan". But while being the administrative and financial center of the country, it also has incredible tourist assets but often little known. We take you to meet merchants and artisans of the district, to discover it in another facet!